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You Are Loved

Dear Friends,

You are loved!  When Christians think about the sacrifice that is Jesus, we understand what true love is….the pure and honest love that comes from a Father to His children.  Recent events of violence in schools have led people to looking for answers and solutions.

Advent staff knows that when a child understands that we have true love and admiration for him and that Christ loves him, a commitment to the program is close at hand…..and true healing can begin.

Advent Group Ministries wants YOU to partner with us to show each and every child who comes to our homes YOUR message of love.

Our goal is to gather notes of love from our friends so that the staff can produce a framed collage to hang in the common areas of Advent Group Ministries homes.  We believe each child that walks into our home for the first time….and every time after that will feel the love that YOUR message carries.

We ask that you write a note (or notes) to send back to us in the envelope provided.  By prayerfully writing “You are loved” on your favorite notepad, we believe YOUR note will have the desired impact of confirming to our kids that they are indeed loved by YOU and by our lord and savior.  If you would like to add an inspirational note, please do so.

As a non-profit, Advent Group Ministries would appreciate your prayerful consideration to include a donation to help fund our collage productions.  Please, remember, YOUR note of love is the most importance aspect to send to us.

Advent thanks you for your continued love & support to bring the best in services to our kids.


Dave Moretti

Resource Development Coordinator

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Please write a note of encouragement for our clients