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Meet our Team

  • Esther Tom, AMFT
    Esther Tom, AMFT

    Email: or 1-408-281-0708 x 309

    Esther Tom, a compassionate counseling professional, holds a master's degree in counseling from Western Seminary in San Jose. Specializing in addressing the complexities of mental health, Esther is well-versed in helping individuals navigate challenges stemming from childhood trauma, bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, and various relationship concerns.

    Esther's expertise extends to guiding individuals through significant life transitions, including separation, divorce, and grief. Using an integrative approach, she seamlessly combines various counseling techniques and theories tailored to the unique circumstances of each client.

    Recognizing that healing is not a linear process, Esther is committed to creating a safe and accepting environment where clients feel heard and understood without conditions. Her approach aims to support individuals on their unique journey to well-being.

    Beyond her professional pursuits, Esther finds joy in spending time with her husband and adult children. Her love for nature is evident in her hobbies, which include nature walking, hiking, and exploring new places near mountains or oceans.

    Notably, Esther is bilingual in English and Korean, ensuring a culturally sensitive and inclusive counseling experience for a diverse range of clients.

    Embark on a transformative journey with Esther Tom, where healing, acceptance, and understanding form the foundation of your counseling experience. Contact Esther to explore the possibilities of personal growth and emotional well-being.

  • We can all help prevent suicide. The 988 Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress, prevention and crisis resources for you or your loved ones, and best practices for professionals in the United States.

  • What is 2-1-1?
    2-1-1 is a referral service for people, supported by the United Way.
    Calling 2-1-1 or going to will connect you to a multitude of services, including: housing, utilities, food, transportation, individual and family support, mental health