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Who We Are


  • ROBERT CONNORS - Chairman
    ROBERT CONNORS - Chairman

    Bob has served as CFO of several high technology companies in the Bay Area, both public and private. He has an MBA in Finance and Accounting from Washington University in St. Louis, and a BA in Physics and Math from Occidental College in Los Angeles.
    He serves on the finance and audit committee at City Team Ministries and is Chair of the Local Outreach team at Saratoga Federated Church. He is part of the Village Forum in Saratoga.
    Bob became acquainted with Advent through presentations by Mark Miller at his church and through working on the Local Outreach team. He says that when he visits Advent facilities and hears the testimony of students there, "I'm floored with how, through the work of the dedicated staff and the Holy Spirit, these students are in the process of changing their lives for the better-- in miraculous ways."


  • GARY WIMP - Secretary
    GARY WIMP - Secretary

    Gary Wimp was introduced to Advent at one of the annual BBQ events and was “inspired by the testimonies” from current teen participants and the “positive impact that Advent has had on their lives”.
    Gary is a commercial realtor with California Partners, Inc. in Mountain View, CA and joined the Advent board in 2012. He graduated from Regis University in Denver, Colorado and received his Masters Degree in Human Relations from Golden Gate University in San Francisco. He is an elder in his church, the Highway Community in Mountain View, where he served for two years as Chairman of the Board. Gary lives in Los Altos, CA with his wife, Sheila, and they have a son, Jason, who is in college.



    Sam is a Commercial Real Estate professional with California Partners, Inc. a firm that specializing in buying, selling, leasing, property management and investments. Sam is a Business Development Advisor for N3 Innovation. He is the Chief Strategy Officer for Health Donor, a no-cost crowd-funding platform for people with unexpected medical expenses. Sam holds a Master of Science in Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Colorado, School of Engineering and a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Colorado’s Leeds School of Business in Finance and Information Systems.


    Linda Ikeda has known about Advent since its beginning, having known its founder since high school. She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice for 25 years, after working at Advent as an MFT intern and then for two years as a licensed clinician. She was also a pediatric RN and worked in various hospital settings for 15 years. She and her family have also served as a friendship family for residential youth and while on staff, Linda led therapy groups for the residences as well as provided counseling for the staff. She is excited to be serving as a board consultant for this important ministry.


    Retired Chief Assistant District Attorney
    Former Founder and Executive Director Legacy Academy Charter School

    For over 30 years, former Chief Assistant District Attorney, Mr. Buller has been responsible for various functions of the District Attorney’s Office. He has been a leader within the office on matters related to Juvenile Justice. Mr. Buller has been a member of the San Jose Mayor’s Gang Prevention Task Force since 1993. He has developed multiple community and school outreach programs that includes an inter-agency committee on law enforcement and schools and Youth Court at local high schools, as well as establishing the Law Related Education Program (LRE) for 5th grade students. Mr. Buller has co-chaired the Juvenile Hall Advisory Board, as well as the liaison for the District Attorney’s Office for the implementation of Juvenile Detention Reform initiative including the Disproportional Minority Representation committee. He has successfully procured over a million dollars for Juvenile Justice Programs as well as various programs he is involved with, and has shaped countless other programs/policies that aim to improve Santa Clara County’s juvenile justice system with an emphasis on prevention. To this end Mr. Buller has built deep relationships with educational and community partners to address the needs of the youth of Santa Clara County. Mr. Buller received his J.D. degree from Pepperdine University, School of Law and has been a member of the California State Bar since 1983. Mr. Buller retired from the District Attorney’s Office December 2014 to devote himself full time to opening The Legacy Academy. Mr. Buller was the Founder and Executive Director of the Legacy Academy. The school was a Charter Middle School for students in the Foster Care and Juvenile Justice System. The school operated until May of 2019.

  • DANIEL MAHAN - Executive Director
    DANIEL MAHAN - Executive Director

    Daniel signed on at Advent in July 2002 as Resource Development Associate. After graduating with a BS in Business Administration (with a concentration in Finance) from San Jose State University, he was promoted to Director of Resource Development, where he served for the next three years. In 2007, he took on the role of Chief Administrative Officer. Daniel become Advent’s Executive Director in August 2014.
    Daniel enjoys sports, darts, cards, music, movies, politics, and financial markets.
    “Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.” – Albert Einstein


  • SAGA Foundation
    SAGA Foundation