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Gateway Client Excels

Gateway Client Excels

When Chad came to the program he was a second semester senior in high school. He had exceptional attendance and behavior while at Advent, and he was a good role model for his housemates.

During the holidays, Chad participated in a Christmas art collage that earned a second place ribbon at Christmas in the Park in San Jose. And while attending Odyssey Community School he stayed on track and passed all his classes with ease.

Chad is currently living in one of Unity Cares homes in San Jose. While there, he will be given access to various trade schools, opportunities for counseling, and assistance with signing up for college classes.

Recently hired at Starbucks in San Jose, Chad plans to save for a car and college and hopes to attend a four-year university.

Chad has turned his life around and is well on the way to achieving his goals!

“Chad’s family history is one of loss,” says Joey Gonzales, counselor. “Both his parents were affected by alcohol and lost their lives because of it, and this has made a huge impact on his life.”

In and out of programs throughout his adolescence, Chad was on the run from a previous placement when he was caught and ultimately placed at Advent.

From his very first day in the program, Chad showed much gratitude for being here. He appreciated the small things, like having a roof over his head and food on the table. He also treasured each person he met along the way, and he had a good relationship with all the clients.

Another of Chad’s fine qualities was that he showed empathy for others, even when they didn’t deserve it.

And he was fun! Chad was always ready for an exciting game, a crazy hike, or a spontaneous trip to the beach.

Joey reports, “Chad was able to use his superb social and emotional skills to bring the house together as a family. He was very helpful, not only for staff, but for his buddies. He was a game changer who glued the Gateway home together.”