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First-Timers Hit Golf Balls for the Kids

First-Timers Hit Golf Balls for the Kids

Rainclouds threatened to release some precipitation on Monday, June 10, as golfers began arriving at Los Altos Golf & Country Club for Advent’s 15th Annual Mary & Martha Golf Classic presented by The Horton Family Foundation. And though it was breezy and a few raindrops did fall, it turned out to be a much more pleasant day for the players than last year’s extremely hot weather.

Construction was in process at the site—creating an additional challenge—but the staff did an incredible job of keeping things running smoothly throughout the day.

Registration began at 9:30 and the participants were in their golf carts and ready to head out at 11 o’clock, with box lunches being provided for them to enjoy along the way. This year’s tee prizes were beige microfiber pullovers and a sleeve of golf balls.

Earl Royse welcomed the golfers and promised that the construction would not interfere with their enjoyment of the day. And he thanked them for their support and encouraged them to have a wonderful time.

Though the foursome count was not up to par this year, the number of first-time golfers was surprisingly high, with about 20 newcomers joining the “oldies but goodies” on the course.

Sponsors Norm and Marty Barclay invited their nephew, Eric Quade, who says, “As a recent transplant to the Bay Area, it was a pleasure to play such a grand event at a wonderful golf course, and meet so many nice people contributing to a great cause. I will be back to support the Mary and Martha Golf Classic—and Advent—in the future.”

After completing the course, the golfers and their guests enjoyed delicious hors d’oeuvres and lots of fun and fellowship while perusing the silent auction items and making their bids.

At 5 o’clock a fabulous chicken dinner was served in the dining room, followed by a short program featuring a couple who shared their story of how Advent had helped save their son from his downward spiral.

In order to level the playing field and give everyone a chance to win, the golfers were divided into flights depending on their handicap. Those claiming the prizes were:

Flight 3:
1st place: Steve Leonard , Jeff Ketelsen, Bobby Kilpatrick
2nd place: Joe Fabiny, Mark Inouye, Rick Shaffer

Flight 2:
1st place: Will Bartley, Kevin Cheng, Jim Lampkin, Scott Miller
2nd place: Nick Von Drak, Devin Abel, Adam Herren

Flight 1:
1st place: Mike Der Manouel, Austin Brock, Dan Golden, Rich Tompkins
2nd place: Al Courtney, Kevin Carrithers, Kyle Hypes, Chuck Miller

After the sponsors were thanked and presented with a box of See’s candy, the live auction got under way, with the hottest item being the La Rusticana cooking classes and dinner for 14—going for $7,000. This has been the top seller the last few years.

The silent auction netted $5,095; the live auction $24,024; with a total of $91,732.53 for the event.

Change for Change added a new dimension this year, with specially labeled jars being available for folks to take home and fill with change for the Advent kids—change that will help change lives.

CEO Mark Miller beams, “Our golfers this year were phenomenal and we were overwhelmed with the number of people who made this event a success for the kids at Advent. This project is truly a gift of love from our faithful committee members, golfers, sponsors, and those contributing to the auction.”